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How much is your studio fee?

We never charge a studio fee.  All of our plaster and ceramic pieces are "one price":  just pay for the piece and all the paint, glaze and firing is included!  Feel free to stay as long as you'd like and even come back to finish another day at no charge!

Can I bring my 18-month old?

Of course!  This is a very family-friendly studio.  We have booster seats for you little ones and toys to play with (There are always those fast-finishers!)

We have a "Don't worry if it breaks" policy so please don't be afraid to bring young children.  Our pieces may break, but they are meant to be handled.

Will you let us come in at night?

Even though our posted hours are until 6 PM on week nights and 8PM on Fridays, we'd love to host your group any evening at no extra charge.  Our only requirement is a minimum of 10 painters.  Just call or email and we'll be here for you.

Do you allow us to bring food?

Yes!  Everyone brings something to eat when they come here.  Juice for the kids, goldfish, popcorn or even lunch.  

How long does it take to get our ceramics or mosaics back?

Unless it is a busy time of the year (Summer, Christmas) you can expect to pick things back up in one week.  Paint on a Wednesday - pick up the next Wednesday!  Please call first if you are driving some distance or going out of your way.  We can also try to "squeeze things in" if you have a rush job.

 Clermont:  352-536-9946   Cagan Crossings:  352-404-8932